Sunday, October 25, 2009

Casino Addiction Can Ruin Any Life

If Antoine Walker can blow through the $100+ million he's made in his career, imagine what can happen to someone who makes a far more modest salary? Casual observers wonder why opponents of casinos say that casinos don't 'help' the economy. This should make a good example.

That said, people should remember this: It's not the Antoine Walkers of the world who typically fall prey, or who the casino industry depends upon the most. It's the mostly middle and working class slot users who make up 80-90% of a casino's profits. The rate of gambling addiction literally doubles when there's a casino or slot parlor within 50 miles, because locals are the people who will be lured in -- the ones with opportunity to let that "harmless entertainment" addict them. Building a casino within 50 miles of your house could literally be a ticking time bomb for someone in your family, one of your friends or co-workers or even yourself. That's the way slot machines are designed.

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