Friday, October 23, 2009

Did you catch my podcast with Capuano?

The first 20 minutes is a review of all the goings-on of the Special Election race. Capuano jumps on after that to talk about his candidacy and to talk about his record and positions (you can fast forward to Capuano, but I highly recommend listening to the whole thing). We hit a lot of great areas, so I hope people enjoy this. LeftAhead is a lot of work, but I think it's a great resource for Massachusetts residents (largely because of my tremendous co-hosts, Mike and Lynne!). I hope as many people enjoy it as possible.

Unrelated note: Due to spam in the comments, I decided to switch my blog's comment system to a moderated system, where I have to approve comments. I hope to change this in the future as, quite frankly, it's more work for me!


Anonymous said...

sorry you had to babysit the blog

Anonymous said...

Too bad, now I won't know how scripted or honest the comments might be. Doubt you'll put up anything that paints your view in a bad light. It was interesting while it lasted. On to another blog. Congratulations on exposing that Barrow guy though, even though I'm in favor of casinos everything should be viewed in the light of day.

Ryan said...

If you had said "Mike Capuano" is a XXX, instead of a person who had nothing to do with the blog post, I definitely would have published it. I'd have even published it if you had said that about me! I don't like censoring blog posts, but calling people loons who have nothing to do with it is, I think, a bit far.

Now that I actually have to waste my time approving each and every comment, I'm not going to waste time on trolling comments. You can thank whoever kept publishing the spam on every post on that. As I said a few days, though, if they stop posting that crazy spam, I'll bring back the old comment policy, but if I do, try to keep it somewhat on topic... and if not that, don't just call random, unrelated people who have nothing to do with the post or blog or myself names.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me ( I'm Anon 5:10) who posted anything about loons. I've generally always been the early morning poster (I start work early) and have never personally attacked anyone. It is too bad that some people have no manners and it's shown in the incivility which is being shown to the current president, but it was done to Bush also. Enjoyed your blog while it was here, good luck.

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