Friday, October 16, 2009

Murray and DeLeo Throwing State Under Bus for Casinos?

Anyone looking at the casino debate can sense a strategy that's glaringly bad for the state of Massachusetts, taken up by the Speaker and Senate President.

They're starving the beast to get casinos. From the SHNS (Jim O'Sullivan, Weekly Roundup, 10/9/09) -- an extremely friendly paper to the casino industry.
Coincidentally, or perhaps not, the panel in charge of gambling legislation on Friday scheduled a casinos and slot machines hearing for Oct. 29 – right around the time the governor will be announcing his spending cuts, and the roar of disapproval from those invested in governmental spending is added to the pressure coming from the gambling interests.

Proponents’ game plan: Wait until the full din has amassed around midyear budget cuts, some of which are due by the end of the month, then swoop in with gaudy revenue and jobs promises, and the suggestion that casinos are the only way out, they’re coming like it or not, might as well vote for ’em.
Instead of trying to create reasonable budget cuts and plans, the Speaker and Senate President are going to let the cuts amass until everyone and their mother is screaming "no more." Then they're going to wave their magic wands and say, "Don't worry, we have something to save you all, after all." This is nothing but a political con. The Speaker and Senate President should be ashamed -- they're playing Ocean's Fourteen with the very livelihood of this state.


Anonymous said...

DeLeo represents a district that includes wonderland and Suffolk Downs. Do ya think he might have a bias? Another Speaker with ethics issues

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll be protected by our last bastion of hope, our governor will ride in on his white horse/cadillac and save us from being led down this road to perdition. Behind him will be all the unionized state workers, the cops giving up the Quinn bill, the legislators giving back some of their pensions, even Billy Bulger will return some money and say "God bless us everyone".

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