Friday, October 09, 2009

Not So Inevitable

From today's SHNS (sorry, can't link).
Casino opponents are speaking out against Senate President Therese Murray’s assertion that casinos are “inevitable,” saying proponents are trying to oversimplify and paint the introduction of expanded gambling as foregone. “It’s all over the map,” said Kathleen Conley Norbut, a casino opponent who held meetings Thursday with state officials. “This inevitability is the proponents’ message, and it’s a clever marketing ploy, but it’s not based in fact.” Norbut, a Monson resident who leads United to Stop Slots in Mass., said she met with first assistant Attorney General David Friedman and chiefs of staff to Sens. James Eldridge and Susan Tucker, discussing the downsides of casinos and what she called a need for a cost-benefit analysis. “[Murray] has yet to speak about the mitigation costs, the cost of the gaming regulatory commission, the cost for infrastructure,” Norbut said. “The costs are extraordinary, and our research shows that there is … in fact a long-term economic problem.” Asked whether she believed casinos were likely to pass next year, Norbut replied, “I think it’s very complex, and I don’t think they have it together.” Murray made her claim Wednesday in a WBUR interview broadcast Thursday.

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