Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Question for Readers

I'm thinking about changing the comment policy so that people have to sign up for some kind of a name before they post. It doesn't have to be their name, it could be a complete pseudonym. It will just make it much easier for me so I don't have to keep referring to people as "Anon 5:45" and wondering if Anon 5:45 is the same as Anon 8:30, plus it will add at least add a little accountability to the comments of this site. Finally, I'd like to be able to learn more about who reads and comments here -- not necessarily personal identity, but more on the lines of getting to know an online persona, as I have many people in the past at places like Blue Mass Group.

Toss in your opinion in the comments below. Would you sign up for some kind of an identity? Do you think this is a good idea?


Anonymous said...

White,male,mid 50's, middle class(maybe upper middle my portfolio didn't tank too bad), libertarian. Very distrustful of government and the internet. I like the anomimity and never personally denigrate a poster. I read your blog because it's almost always opposite to what I think, but as Lao-Tse said it is wise to understand your adversaries. For example where do you stand on the Roman Polanski thing, I can anticipate your answer and you can imagine mine?

Ryan said...

Well, that really should be pretty cut and dry... *but* I read that the victim wanted him left alone because she wanted to be left alone... that she just wanted the whole thing to be over. In cases like these, a victim's wishes weigh heavily on my mind. So normally I'd say 'lock 'em up,' but because of the victim's wishes I'm less sure.

At some point, though, justice is justice and if you commit certain crimes, the state will bring charges against you, regardless of what the victim thinks. I don't like the idea of a guy committing rape getting away with it. So I guess it's a tossup for me and I will not shed one tear if Polanski is in prison for the rest of his life (which is quite likely at this point).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you agree. That's great. It's not as if his innocence is in doubt, he plead guilty. He fled to avoid jail. To me that the Hollywood liberals are coming to his defense is just an indication that the elitists feel that the rules shouldn't apply to them. And the conservatives have their own elitists (Leonna Helmsley). That is my problem with this state, the liberals who are in charge feel as if they should get special treatment. Small example I just heard legislators pay $40 bucks a year for vanity plates, average people $70. Not even sure if it's true but don't doubt it. Public service should be a privelage not a chance to feed at the trough as it seems it so often is.

Anonymous said...

Why CLT matters?

Barbara Anderson/CLT matters because Marian Walsh exists

Barbara Anderson/CLT matters because Sal DiMasi exists

Barbara Anderson/CLT matters because Diane Wilkerson exists

Quriltai said...

Another id/password to remember? Ugh. If someone wants to comment/interact and can't bother to but together a Google ID useful on so many sites, will they do it just for yours?

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