Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thoughts, Announcements and Casino Stuff

  • There was literally tons and tons of casino info that came out today, but I was too busy to get to any of it. Look forward to plenty of news on polls and other items in the days ahead.
  • I'm going to the casino forum at the State House tomorrow, covering it for United to Stop Slots Massachusetts (consider this my disclosure: I'm getting a very small stipend to help with costs - the first time I've ever done this and I'll always disclose if I do it again), so I'll have a lot to write about tomorrow night and the days ahead.
  • Joe Lieberman is the worst excuse for a human being alive. People need to remember that when Republicans were in the Senate, he rarely, if ever, filibustered. Now that Democrats are in charge, he's leading the charge against the public option. He is not a Democrat. Why do the Democrats allow him to caucus with them? He gets all of the benefits of being a Democrat, while being able to totally undermine the party at every possible pass. If he wants to be a member of the GOP, let him be a member of the GOP: Strip his gavel and throw him out of the caucus. It's long overdue.
  • Obama signed the Hate Crimes expansion bill today, which will cover GLBT people. This is one small step for glbt civil rights, but a giant leap forward in that it's the first time the federal government has done something to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people as a community. More important things are yet to come (DADT, DOMA, ENDA, etc.), but this a good day for the movement.
  • LeftAhead! interviewed City Councilman John Connolly yesterday on our internet radio show. It was a fantastic show that was wonky, interesting and entertaining (IMO anyway).

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