Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Republicans

No group in America has fought against the "government take-over" of health care harder than Republicans. Though what they have to say has absolutely no merit, they spread the lie that this effort to reform the health insurance industry is nothing less than government deciding each and every individual's health care choices. Yes, what do Republicans decide to do in the new house health care bill? Allow government to decide what choices women will and won't have when it comes to their own personal health. This is nothing but hypocrisy.

People must stand up to the Senate and demand that their version of the health care bill does not include a provision banning a women's right to have an abortion - then demanding that any bill that goes through conference committee is free from such provisions, too. The House bill will ban the funding of the right to choose to any health insurance plan that accepts people who take any public subsidies. I ask readers: What health insurance company in Massachusetts doesn't accept any individuals who are subsidized? Doubtfully even one. The end result is millions of people who receive no health care subsidies at all will end up unable to afford their right to choose. Without that crucial ability to decide, they are not free and equal citizens of this country.

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Anonymous said...

I have no interest in seeing the government any more involved in healthcare than they already are. Does that make me a hypocrit or just someone that disagrees with you? By the way, I am a Republican. Be careful with generalizations and name calling. Some of it is simply a difference of opinion.

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