Monday, November 16, 2009

Musings: Stupak, Star Trek and Hulu

  • The thing about Stupak: If it's okay to discriminate against women for one medical choice, why shouldn't it be okay to discriminate against men for ED? Or come up with other stupid ideas like "no tax credits for fat people." There are thousands of ways we could legislate morality into health care. What ever happened to coming up with legislation that lets doctors and patients decide what treatments are necessary together?
  • I hate the new Hulu trend where you have to wait up to a week for an episode to go up. I realize it's not profitable yet, but I don't think it will become so by trying to get fewer people to use it. Ads may not get them to the promised land yet, but will eventually -- and probably soon. When it comes to media, companies always take a hit when starting out. Even in the good times, it used to take any publication 5+ years to to turn a profit. Hulu will get there... if they don't drive away their users first. Hello,
  • One of my hobbies is gaming -- yes, I am a geek -- so I was very excited today that the devs of an upcoming game I'm really excited about, Star Trek Online, took one of my questions - and actually gave an answer I found satisfactory.

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