Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Town Democratic Websites

I have to say, having spent an hour or so looking at the various town committee websites across Massachusetts, I'm most impressed at how our party's base activists have quickly taken to technology. I've been fairly involved with the development of my town dem committee's website (at least insofar as offering input, etc.), so I know it's a tremendous amount of work for any town committee to undertake. Few have the funds to hire out a professional website, but nevertheless, the websites really run the gambit. Several are quite good in terms of the content they offer and the way they're presented, even if they aren't professional sites.

I have to admit, especially given the fact that they have a cable access show to post there, my favorite town dem site -- from just the time I've spent now digging up what town dem sites I could find -- my favorite site is Acton's. I think they have a good layout, make a great case on why you should join, and I can't get over how much I enjoyed their "Local Impact" show (they get bonus points for linking to LeftAhead).

Here's a list of (a few) other town dem sites, in no particular order.

Which are your favorites? What do you think makes a good town democratic website? What features are you looking for? What features aren't you looking for? Why does it seem like small towns across Massachusetts are leading the way? (The Boston website is scary bad -- even some of the ward committees have better sites. The Springfield committee looked fantastic -- until I realized I was looking at Springfield, Virginia.) Most importantly, do these websites have any impact on you as a grassroots activist? I think Town Democratic Committees are one of the most important parts of grassroots governing, so it's important that tools are created which help them thrive.


Quriltai said...

The best town Dem committee website is one that doesn't wait for the state party's help.

With two towns, I've made a total of 6 requests for information (servers, hosting) in the last few years, and never got a straight answer.

Ward5er said...

Ouch! That's hardly a Boston Democratic web site, better to check out Josh Dawson's site or the individual ward committees, used to be links on the Mass Dems site, but don't see them now.

Anonymous said...

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