Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Alice in... Mohegan Sun?

I doubt too many watched Sci Fi's miniseries "Alice" (as in "Alice in Wonderland"), it was very mediocre, but I did catch a few minutes of it here and there, flipping by, to see if it was any good. (Some of their miniseries have been excellent, such as Dune and Taken).

In any event, the plot was almost entirely about casinos and the 'zones' they put people in who use them. I'm not even kidding. From Sci Fi SyFy:
"The White Rabbit is very different," Willing said. "It's not just one character; it's a secret organization that works for the Queen of Hearts and abducts people from our [real-world] land, so they can gamble in the Queen's casino. The 'oysters,' as these human beings are called, are put to play there so their emotions can be drained by the Queen. That is the currency of Wonderland. You can feel whatever you want when you want to feel it. Just take a sip of lust or euphoria."
As the people play, they get sucked into the game... and their emotions get sucked into some machine, which turns them into currency to "pay" for Wonderland. During the entire miniseries, Alice was spending all her time trying to rescue the gambling addicts!


As a reminder, anyone who's interesting in hearing more about the casino issue in Massachusetts, there's going to be a great forum on it tomorrow at Faneuil Hall, with former Governor Dukakis and his wife, Kitty, sitting on the panel.

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