Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baker's Political Farsightedness

BMG posted about Baker's awkward pre-state-of-the-state attack on Governor Patrick, which Doug Rubin admirably took on on BMG, but I wanted to make one comment about it, as well.

Baker, like Mitt Romney, is going to try to convince Massachusetts voters that he "saved" something. Instead of the Olympics, it'll be Harvard Pilgrim. It's BS.

While I'm sure Baker's done an admirable job at Harvard Pilgrim, he did not save it. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, when Harvard Pilgrim was in the midst of a death spiral, gave the company a massive bailout to keep the company alive -- mostly to save all its costumers. More than anything, that's what "turned around" Harvard Pilgrim.

As far as I'm concerned, Charlie Baker should be thanking voters at every stop and on every video for saving his company -- and providing him with the chance to go from making a middling state salary to becoming a millionaire CEO of that company. Maybe Baker's so close to the company that his vision of what happened is a bit fuzzy? And what would he then say about "big government spending," when that spending saved his very own company?


Peter Porcupine said...

Mitt really DID save the Olympics, you know...

Anonymous said...

What has Deval saved?

Ryan said...

Mitt did an admirable job with the Olympics, but the show would have gone on without him.

Quriltai said...

How to know PP is a rock-ribbed Republican. In direct response to her claim on behalf of Mitt, I have (twice!) linked to White House and Olympic sources that state definitively that the Bush White House took over the SLC2002 security budget in the wake of 9/11, meaning that suddenly the major expenditure of the Olympics was footed by the government. Yet he peddles what he knows is a lie.

Mitt saved the Olympics the same way Baker saved Harvard Pilgrim -- by being there when a Republican gave them a big gift of taxpayer money.

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