Friday, January 15, 2010

Brown's Bad for Boston

Freshman Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley - and former Kerry staffer - makes an excellent point for all the residents living in and near Boston -- a point that could be extended for anyone living in Springfield, Worcester, New Bedford, Lowell or pretty much any city across Massachusetts. From Ayanna's email:
Electing Scott Brown would be bad news for Boston. He will work against the very programs that serve as the lifelines for those struggling to survive these challenging times. He will work to slash federal funding to UMass Boston and other public colleges and universities around the state. He will oppose health care reform that would ensure better coverage for our seniors and families. He will fight against what you and I care about, those issues and ideals I actively championed during my campaign. He would make things tougher for my constituents and shatter the dream that was the great cause of Senator Kennedy's life.


Anonymous said...

More us vs. them crap. More suburan vs. urban bullshit.

Ryan said...

If it is "us vs. them" bull shit, it's something done almost explicitly toward cities in this country, mostly by Republicans.

If this country had popularly elected presidents, without the electoral college, as well as a different primary system, how much time do you think presidential candidates would be wasting time talking about corn in Iowa? And how much more do you think they'd be talking about public transportation and public schools in cities like NYC, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Boston and Miami?

And how much more dollars per capita floats away to the small, rural states in this country, rather than densely populated, urban ones? We've been the target of this BS discrimination for years -- not just Boston, but our entire state, in some way due to Republicans from those rural states and in other ways due to the way our political system is designed (undemocratic institutions like the Senate and Electoral College lead to undemocratic results that do NOT reflect the population at large).

Anonymous said...

your party fucked up pretty badly here. time for leadership changes

Ryan said...

Well, I don't think Martha Coakley ran a good race, but I don't think the Democratic Party "fucked up pretty badly," either. In fact, over the past few weeks, due to the fact that Coakley ran a poor race, the Democrats went into a huge overdrive mode and has been exceptionally active. If Coakley wins, and I think she will, she should be very, very thankful to the state and national party -- as well as all the last-minute activists who held their breath and gave hours of their time to help her win.

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