Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Time to Fix Martha's Ugly Mess

Martha Coakley should be ashamed that it ever got this close. Candidates who are out ahead by name recognition only -- and sit on that lead, taking few, if any, risks -- have the nasty tendency to risk embarrassment (and in this case, disaster). At this point, Massachusetts Democrats have to hope this is Nikki Tsongas, Redux, because at least she squeaked by with that win, even if it wasn't really warranted based on campaign skills and strategy. If you don't go after a candidate in a race, explaining not only why you'd be the best choice at precisely the same time as you explain why your opponent isn't the right person, then you're going to have a rough time winning.

I'll be out on election day. I've been bitching and moaning at my friends to get them to vote. People did not take this race seriously -- and it's come back to bite us. Martha Coakley's done little to get anyone excited, but she'll be far and away better than Scott Brown. Simply put, Scott Brown would damage our country. BMG lays that case out quite well here, so I'll simply leave it at this: We cannot go from one of the most effective and best Senators in the history of this country, and certainly this state, to Scott Brown. Martha Coakley was never the ideal candidate in a general election, but at least she won't support policies that will do damage to the American people.


Anonymous said...

it all starts with deval and obama. distrust and dislike of deval and obama has created a problem for you far left wackos.

Anonymous said...

Ryan...what a pompous posting from you...Coakley is up by 15% points..but you feel the need to say "shame on her"...what hubris...15% lead for a woman candidate in this state (or any state) is huge AND she has managed to do it not with backslapping and podium pounding and hollering but with old fashioned competence, determination and smarts.

But, you want to make it appear that you are riding in to save the day for her! Maybe the real "ugly mess" that needs fixin' is in the audience not on the stage!

Simon's Dad said...

You say you have to bitch and moan to get your people moving?

At Scott Brown's call centers they are TURNING PEOPLE AWAY because they don't have enough phones.

People wait 5 at a time just to get their turn.

Want a Brown sign or button - they've been out for days because the demand is so high.

Ryan - THIS is the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

The left strategy now is to morf brown into cheney and scare the crap out of a bunch of loonie lefties

Anonymous said...

Simon's Dad -

People waiting 5 at a time to make phone calls for a candidate and running out of buttons? The only thing that indicates is a campaign expecting limited support in a Blue state getting a little extra support. Trust me, they need people making phone calls. If they cared and thought they'd win the race, they'd get more phones.

Ryan said...

Anon 7:40,

If you really think she's up by 15% right now, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Could she still win by 15% on election day? Possibly, but only because her campaign has *finally* woken up.

I'm not "riding in" to save the day... thousands of democratic activists in this state are, though. I just put words to the phenomenon.

This is the second federal race we put in danger because of lackluster frontrunners within just a few, short years of each other. Democratic activists would be stupid not to make this an issue, because if we keep allowing our candidates to do this, we will eventually lose one of them.

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