Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama has lost it, Part 2

This is the second time I've had to title a post of mine like this. [Update: Let's call this the Hoover edition.]

Obama's introducing a plan to create a "spending freeze" -- which is really a spending cut. A lot of people would be fine with that, but let's consider a few things.

First off, a federal spending freeze/reduction that doesn't include the pentagon's overly inflated budget, littered with cold-war-era expenses, is disgusting. How on Earth could we freeze social spending, but not the military budget, when the US spends more on its military than every other government on earth combined? Yikes.

Second, the President has declared that he'll protect critical programs from the freeze -- those programs will actually have expanded budgets. Sounds nice -- great even -- until people realize that this bill will have to go through Congress. What do we know about Congress? The good programs tend to get cut, while special deals to keep constituents happy are the ones to stay. No doubt, we'll see huge cuts to critical social programs, while things like the Farm Bill keeps on getting uglier and uglier and don't get touched.

Finally, we're still in the middle of a recession -- the worst one ever since the Great Depression. Things have become a little more positive, but we're still in a very weak position as a country. This is not the time to start cutting government spending -- if anything, a major part of the reason why more than 10% of this country is unemployed is because the stimulus bill was not enough. Every major economist who hadn't been proven wrong a million times before predicted this -- and they were right. Now we're going to add even more cuts?

We ought to be talking about a jobs bill, not cutting $250 billion from the budget.

Update: Does Obama even want to be reelected? Obama's press secretary told Ed Schultz, liberal radio and tv guy, that he was "lying" about Obama's policy to increase viewership. What was the lie? That the Senate bill was a gift to HMOs -- corporate welfare. Um, Gibbs, it is corporate welfare. That's why America hates it. Whatever, though. Even if Schultz lied to get viewers, Obama's lies to get votes. What's worse?

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