Sunday, January 17, 2010

Scott Brown's Campaign: Lying Scumbags

Any campaign that brings along Eric Fehrnstrom, you know is a bunch of lying scumbags. It's amazing more people who were alive and breathing during the Romney era don't remember him. It doesn't shock me at all that a guy with as little class as Scott Brown -- the same guy who went to an auditorium of school kids and swore at them all, repeatedly -- would not only refuse to apologize for his past comments, but then blame it on Coakley.

Here's what Brown said live, on television, not so very long ago -- questioning if Obama was born out of wedlock, like the teabagger that he is -- and then, when questioned about it, refusing to apologize for those comments, he said Martha Coakley made it all up through his spokesperson, Mr. Fehrnstrom.

BROWN: Barack’s mom had him when she was, what, 18 years old?

GUEST: And married!

BROWN: Well, I don’t know about that.

The record shows, of course, that Obama’s parents were married when he was born. Asked directly whether Brown believes it’s possible Obama was born out of wedlock, Brown spokesman Eric Fehrnstom emailed:

He doesn’t believe that. This is more desperate campaigning from Martha Coakley. When she isn’t calling for higher taxes, she’s making things up about Scott Brown.

Scott Brown... dude... you said it on National Television. Why have your lackeys try to deny it? It'll only make you look like the lying scumbag that you are. In the age of Youtube, do you really think you could get away with this? LOL.

Why not just apologize for that little gaffe, made over a year ago, when he probably didn't know much about Obama? Yeah, he shouldn't have said it, but I think people could easily forgive him for doing it with a simple little "oops, I'm sorry, that was rude and insensitive of me - my apologies go out to Obama for saying it." Would that have been so hard? Do we really want to elect a guy who would say these kind of things, then refuse to apologize -- and, on top of it, blame someone else for "making things up" about it? Scott Brown is a rat -- let's hope citizens of this state realize that before Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

At least he didn't say Obama should get him some coffee.

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