Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shut it, GOP

Since 1980, Reconciliation has been used 22 times in the US Senate -- Republicans used them 16 times (thanks, Barbara Boxer). It's time they be held accountable for their misleading statements. How dare they -- who invented the "Nuclear Option" (getting rid of the filibuster) reinvent it now and try to say that using Reconciliation is the Nuclear Option. The GOP takes lying to the extreme.


Anonymous said...

I think some of the Democratic senators are happy dragging their feet about holding the Republicans feet to the fire. I just came back from vacation in Fla and over the course of a couple of weeks conversed with a lot of people from different parts of the country. On 3 different occasions people, when they heard I was from Mass, thanked me for electing Brown and stopping health care. A small poll to be sure, and you can quote polls supporting the single payer option, but we both know polls can be crafted with questions worded different ways. I don't think a progressive mandate was there when Barack was elected, it was anti-Bush sentiment. Most of the Dem senators see that and want to keep their head down and stay in office, no "Profiles in Courage".

Ryan said...

I quite agree with you -- there are plenty of Democrats happy to let Republicans drag their feet and slow down/stop everything. It's very frustrating.

I disagree about health care. People are generally supportive of the main planks in the proposals, but were just turned off by the drawn-out and incomprehensible process. Democrats should have put the reconciliation process to work in September at the latest, so things would have been wrapped up months ago.

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