Monday, March 15, 2010

Expelling kids for the "sins" of the parents

Two young kids in a Colorado Catholic K-8 school were essentially expelled... because their parents are lesbians. My question: How many of the other parents in that school are divorced or had their kids out of wedlock? Those are all sexual 'sins' on the order of being gay, yet I doubt the school would have enough students to stay open if the church universally applied its intolerance to all parents who were sexual "sinners" and their children. Certainly, the sisters who ran my CCD when I was younger never minded the fact that my parents were divorced.

It's very sad, but the hostility the leadership in the Catholic Church has toward gay people borders on open hatred. While the church is being crushed with its own sexual scandal that is magnitudes worse -- allowing thousands of children to be molested by priests across the Globe, then covering it up -- all it can bother to think about is teh gay. I guess it's easier for one to focus on the problems of others than admit they have problems of their own -- problems that are not only morally repugnant, but totally illegal, too.

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