Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Health Care Parting Thought

For practically decades, one of the biggest knocks on the Democratic Party has been that it doesn't live up to its principles, that it doesn't really care, and isn't willing to sacrifice seats to pass something the party believes in manifestly, but may not poll so well. Well, say that no more.

No matter how much mud the Republicans slung at us, no matter how ugly health care reform became -- and no matter how ineptly the Democratic leadership handled the debate from the summer until when Obama finally took the reigns of it in February, the Democratic Party stayed true to its form, stood up and passed a bill on the central issue Democrats manifestly believe in: the need for major health care reform.

It wasn't perfect, but no matter how often some elected national party members just wanted to kill the whole thing and move on, no matter how many stumbling blocks were in the way, the Democrats have got the job done. This sets a whole new trend for the Democratic Party and I only hope it can maintain this gumption going forward -- being willing to do what's necessary to pass our bills, to pass what we believe in.

This is what government should be all about -- parties living and dying by passing bills which they believe in, not gridlocked government, not government by the polls and not snappy soundbites and petty fighting. Let's make government a battle of ideas again, let's make parties strive for major goals and let's push to have a system where those parties live or die based on those ideas and ideals. That's what I want from my American government, how about you?


Anonymous said...

My wife and I are already talking about getting an "Obama divorce". She doesn't work, I make the money. If we split she can get free medical and I won't have to pay for her anymore. We'll still live together, I might even charge her rent on paper and the state can kick in a subsidy on that. Thanks.

Middleboro Remembers said...

Regardless of what the naysayers, such as Mr. Anonymous say, this is decades overdue.

Yeah, not perfect. Yeah, not single payer, as it should be. Not universal, yet.

How can Republicans justify allowing working Americans to die simply because they don't have health coverage?

How can Republicans justify allowing for-profit insurance companies to deny or cancel coverage?

There is no excuse for a nation to allow this to continue.

Maybe some day, we can even get the pathetic prescription drug coverage corrected.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Mr. Anonymous, (as they always are) if you have a better idea for health care you should share it, but until then you should remember an old phrase; it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Only someone of the lowest moral ethic would bother posting such dribble. I pain for Ryan that he has to trouble his brilliant mind with prattle like this.

Ryan said...

Anon, the divorce you would be getting would be a "Romney Divorce" since that's the plan ROMNEY put into place here in Massachusetts. Democrats just copied it because that's the best they thought they could do with all the corporatists in DC. At least there won't be anymore rescissions and discrimination against preexisting conditions, and at least young people will be able to get insurance through their parents through the age of 27. And at least there will be a national exchange, which will help keep prices down for individuals who can't get insurance through their employers.

Like M. R. said, this isn't anywhere near perfect, but it's much better than what we have and a solid first step. It sounds like you should support single payer, so your wife would have no problem with insurance, that way your family stress could go way down. Of course, the Republicans will never support that.

Anonymous said...

Wow such vitriol against what will be a personal solution to my situation. Democrats want to expand government and know what's best for the people. They are expanding systems and I'm just going to take advantage (I didn't like Romney care either). There is no free lunch, someone must pay for everything. Anonimity has nothing to do with the validity of an argument.

Anonymous said...

Ryan asked the rhetorical question of what I want from government. Unless he wants a blog where you just sit around congratulating each other I thought I would add my take. I want a government that leaves me and my family alone, barring that I will take advantage of loopholes like everyone else. I've never denigrated another poster as a fool, and Ryan hasn't either as long as civility is maintained. Your attempts to make a utopia are admirable, but the selfish nature of humans makes me think less government makes things work better. I'm not a Republican, but a Libertarian. Mormons (no smoking,drinking) shouldn't have to be in the same health care system that deep-fried turkey red necks use. Chinese herbalists, Christian scientists, etc. now they're penalized if they don't conform to the governments idea of health care? When a smoker wants his 3rd lung transplant I have to pay for it? Start small, pass one bill no discrimination on pre-existing conditions, could have been passed and signed in 24 hrs, and who in their right mind would oppose?

Middleboro Remembers said...

Mr. Anon,

I grew up in NY where the Republican Party sure seemed, at that time at least, to recognize that a thriving middle class was mighty important for a Big D Democracy.

But that was the Old Republican Party that had some impressive statesmen and gentlemen, dedicated to improving the country and lives of Americans, not owned and paid for by corporations.

What I see emanating from D.C. that trickles down is verbatim "Think Tank" rhetoric that prattles about precisely the comments you made, without thought -- small government? Have you checked the statistics for the Bush years? Balanced budgets anyone? Clinton left surpluses as far as the eye could see.

The Republicans remained silent as the numbers of uninsured grew. The Republicans remained silent as working Americans have died from lack of early detection for treatable illnesses or died because their health insurance carrier denied coverage or cancelled their insurance.

The Republicans used every tactic to distort the issues or invent their own such as the Death Committees, worthy of the fictional tales of The Enquirer's "Mom Gives Birth To Alien."

The most pathetic joke was watching White Males, lacking a uterus (unless there's something we don't know), make abortion an issue.

Willard opposed mandating that large employers pick up the tab for MassHealth as he was buying Dunkin' Donuts, one of the state's largest employers not providing health coverage. Another large employer that doesn't provide health coverage is WalMart that receives TIFs wherever they go, so are subsidized by taxpayers to sell cheap imported crap.

Such a country!

The time for universal coverage is long overdue.

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

"...the selfish nature of humans makes me think less government makes things work better."

That works for the people who are on the right side of the majority. Those of us who are in the minority need governments protection, and in the Health Care LAW it is the have nots that are protected from the price gouging health care corporations.

BTW, you came onto this thread with a snarky comment that, among other things, insinuates insult to Obama while speaking to a known supporter. Try not to act surprised when people bite back; it looks silly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Middleboro, I'm registered Libertarian. I know there are just as many corrupt Republicans as there are Rangels and Mass speakers' of the house. Should voting be gender specific only women reps can vote?(I'm pro choice).
John, in providing protection for you the government opens up abuses elsewhere. Snarky comment or not my impending divorce (2 yrs hence) will put ill gotten money in my pocket but as our illustrious leaders (on both sides of the aisle) have shown it's every man for themselves.

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