Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm On Board the Draft Harmony Wu Bandwagon

Congressman Steven Lynch has done many things in his past to make him very unlikeable, but his vote against health care reform -- the signature issue of the entire Democratic Party -- was certainly the last straw. One simply can't be against health care reform and be a Democrat, as far as this blogger's concerned. There are a number of reasons to support Wu, and a number of reasons why Lynch needs to get gone, so let's look at the pros and pros of both propositions.

Wu's good, because
  • She's proven to be an effective organizer and would be a fantastic campaigner;
  • She's been an active member of her community and would be out there fighting for her constituents' best interests;
  • As a college professor with her PhD, she has a great background for a Congresswoman and wouldn't be the typical politician;
  • Finally, her students love her -- even if they think she's a tough cookie.
Lynch needs to go, because
  • He has a history of being against the values of the Democratic Party, be it health care or civil rights;
  • He's thrown a shiv in our back for what should be the last time;
  • He's completely beatable in a Democratic Primary;
  • Whoever beats him in that primary will hold that seat.
  • If we don't hold our politicians accountable, what incentive will they ever have to listen to their average citizens?
Knowing that we're more likely to lose seats in 2010 than many of us would care to admit, it's important to send as many strong progressives to D.C. as possible. We need people who will fight for us, not look the other way while people suffer under inefficient and broken systems. Here's the Draft Harmony Wu website -- and here's the Draft Harmony Wu Facebook page. Please consider joining in the call to hold Representative Lynch accountable and putting someone who will really look after the rank and file citizen in that congressional district.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on that.

Lynch was the only member of Congress from New England to vote against the health care reform bill. Last year, he voted in favor of Bart Stupak's deceptive ban on insurance for abortion. Of the 49 Democrats from New England + New York, 45 voted against that, and Lynch was one of the 4 who supported it.

I've been frustrated with him for a long time, especially since he voted for the Iraq war, and continued to support funding it, and in 2006 he was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation to vote with the Republicans to "stay the course".

He expressed concern about the cost of the economic recovery & reinvestment act, and about the cost of health care access, but I don't recall him being so concerned about the cost of invading Iraq. Is that a better use of our money, than our own infrastructure, education, and health?

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