Sunday, March 07, 2010

Peter Smulowitz for State Senate on Tuesday

Senator Brown may have won a seat in the US Senate, but that meant he had to give up his old position in the State Senate. The door may have been shut, but we can safely call this an open window.

Peter Smulowitz, a medical doctor living in the district, in Needham, was campaigning to replace Brown since even before Brown defeated Martha Coakley, and now he finds himself an established candidate in an open seat. With an impeccable resume -- from Cornell for a degree in Biology, to the University of California for Med School and then Harvard for a grad degree in health care policy, Smulowitz has been in Massachusetts since 2003, when he started at Beth Israel Deaconess for his residency, where he still works as an emergency physician. As Co-Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians, he's worked closely with both state regulatory agencies and state legislators, including his work with State Senator James Timilty to file "An Act to Improve Access to Emergency Care," which has nudged the Department of Public Health towards taking action on reducing overcrowding at ERs across the state. He's also had close ties with his home community in Needham, working on environmental causes and affordable housing.

Undoubtedly, health-care related questions will pop up, as well as questions about his record, stances on the issues and the campaign in general. People can listen live, Tuesday at 2:30, or catch it later at the same site, at or on itunes.


joggerjohn said...

I would support Dr. Smulowitz if only he had a perspective on gay marriage that conforms with science and observable facts. First of all, nobody is born with a sexual orientation; this is a scientific finding that you can verify at the American Psychological Association web site. Therefore, events in a kid's life affect his or her orientation.
Gay marriage redefines what constitutes marital lovemaking to include all the grotesque sexual practices that gays are stuck with. And Massachusetts schools are now indoctrinating all our kids with support for this misguided perspective.
Scott Brown has it right in backing rights for gay couples through civil unions. Of course gay couples deserve full rights. But our kids deserve better than to be taught lies claiming that homosexuality is not a misfortune and never a matter of choice.
If Dr. Smilowitz can get this aspect of his platform straightened out, I can support him. But not before.

Ryan said...


I'm sorry, but you're fighting a losing battle. In this state, we support the civil rights of others.

Furthermore, I'm not exactly sure who you'll be able to vote for in this race, given that all of the candidates will likely support marriage equality, including the Republicans. Lida Harkins was the whip on protecting marriage equality. Seriously, you're barking up the wrong tree.

By the way, this *gay* blogger doesn't think "homosexuality" is a "misfortune." What utterly bizarre crap.

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