Monday, April 05, 2010

Electing Strong Progressives

After having the chance to interview both Representative Harkins and Dr. Smulowitz in the campaign to replace Senator Scott Brown's old state senate seat on, I've come to find the race has one candidate who I think is the clear better of the two. While Representative Harkins would surely make a good and serviceable state senator, Dr. Smulowitz would absolutely make a great one.

He's been all over the district and raised more money than either of the other candidates, having run for the seat for a year or more now, long before Senator Brown took residence in DC. Smulowitz is poised for the big upset and we need more like him. That's why I've decided to go volunteer for him for at least two days between now and April 13th, including the day of the primary. I hope to see some other readers and progressive activists at his campaign HQ.

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Anonymous said...

Lets start by removing Lida H

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