Thursday, April 15, 2010

Notable Votes

I just went back and looked at all the casino votes the House has taken since, coming up with some notable votes.

Consistent No's -- the heroes who have voted the right way every time.

Balser, Bosley, Brownsberger*, Callahan, Conroy*, D'Amico*, Finegold, Garballey*, Guyer, Kaufman, Malia, Patrick, Peake, Pignati, Provost, Rodrigues, Rogers, Rushing, Sanchez, Scaccia, Sciortino, Smizik, St. Fleur, Torrisi, Walz, Wolf, deMacedo, Smola.

They've Seen the Light -- the extremely courageous people who voted for slots in the past, but saw the light exactly when they faced the most intense pressure to vote yes again.

Curran, Turner, Evangelidis, Polito

Biggest Disappointments: the people who voted against slots in the past, but were too terrified of the Speaker to do the right thing again, when it mattered most.

Note to readers
: District residents are still eligible to take out nomination papers, as long as they get their signatures in by April 27th. Just sayin'.

Aguiar*, Alicea*, Atkins, Basile*, Cabral, Campbell*, Clark**, Coakley-Rivera, Costello, DeLeo*, Dempsey, Donato*, Donelan, Ehrlich*, Fernandes*, Forry, Golden, Grant, Haddad, Harkins***, Honan, Kane, Keenan, Khan, Kocot, Koutoujian, Kulik, Linsky, L'Italien, McMurtry*, Miceli, Moran, Charles Murphy, James Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Nangle, O'Flaherty, Pedone, Piesch, Petrolati, Richardson, Sannicandro, Scibak, Speliotis, Spellane, Speranzo, Harriet Stanley, Story, Straus, Swan, Tobin, Vallee, Wagner, Welch

Freshmen of Honor -- our most recent Reps who had the courage to vote no when a powerful Speaker wanted them to do otherwise.

Ashe, Dykema, Hecht, Madden

Submissive Freshman -- the House freshman who saw the Speaker growl and immediately fell onto their backs, in the submissive position. Meow.

Arciero, Benson, Bowles, Brady, Cantwell, Dwyer, Gregoire, Hogan, Lewis, Michelwitz, Rosa,

Supreme Flip-Floppers -- those who's votes seem to flip flop every year.

Atsalis, Binienda, Fagan, Fennell, Gobi, Kafka, Spiliotis^, Steven Walsh, Hargraves, Poirier, Ross

The Industry's Tentacles in the House -- those who represent the special interests for slots in the House and always vote for them.

Allen*, Calter*, Canessa, Creedon****, DeLeo^^, DiNatale*, Flynn^^, Fresolo, Garry, Koczera, McCarthy*, Naughton*****, Nyman, O'Day*, Puppolo*, Quinn, Rice*, Rush, Sandlin*, Smith*, Thomas Stanley, Timilty, Toomey, Wallace, Martin Walsh, Jones, Peterson, Barrows*, Frost, Gifford, Hill, Humason, Perry, Webster.

A few footnotes:
*These reps only voted on the 2010 and 2008 bills and weren't in office before.
**Representative Katherine Clark was for casinos, before she was against it, before she was for it. She supported them in her initial campaign to win union endorsements, voted against them when DiMasi was in office, now voted for them. By the way, she's running for State Senator, in case you were curious...
***Harkins technically didn't vote on the 2010 vote, but had come out on record for it, including on LeftAhead, so I'm including her on the list of Biggest Disappointments.
****Creedon missed the 2010 vote, but voted for them in the past. It's a stretch to think he would have switched his vote now.
*****Naughton missed the 2006 vote, but voted yes in 2008 and 2010.
^Spiliotis didn't vote in 2010, but she's in favor of slots in the race tracks and would have almost certainly voted for the bill. She also voted against all the amendments which attempted to make DeLeo's bill sane (ie posting the odds).
^^Flynn and DeLeo only vote for slots, so they voted against Patrick's 2008 bill.


Gladys Kravitz said...

"The Industry's Tentacles in the House"

That's a keeper.

Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous said...

You conveniently forgot your old boss.

Ryan said...

Believe it or not, anon, that was not intentional. I will add it in there where it belongs, "Biggest Disappointments." Note the fact that she was included in the other roll call votes on the amendments, including the disappointing ones, so you can skip any silly conspiracy theories.

Also, if you notice any others missed, please let me know. This was a ton of work and I'm sure I've made other mistakes.

Anonymous said...

its just that you used to work for her. it look bad.

Ryan said...

Which is precisely why I fixed it as soon as I realized the mistake :)

I have many, many flaws as a human being -- being dishonest isn't one of them. Occasional honest mistakes? Absolutely.

Middleboro Remembers said...


Thanks for taking the time to compose this list of shame and for cross posting on BMG for others to access.

I'd lover to hear their flimsy excuses beyond "The Speaker told me so."

Anonymous said...

I've been away on vacation and when I came back saw the results of the vote. Classic Massachusetts politics. Roman emperors would be jealous of the powers that the Mass speakers have, and their influence. Hail speaker.

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