Thursday, April 15, 2010

Roll Call: Health Coverage for Pathological Gamblers

Representative Sciortino offered an amendment to the gambling bill that would have recognized addiction to gambling as a mental health disorder, like most other forms of addiction, which are covered under state law by insurance companies. This is important because for those who develop a gambling problem and are able to recognize it, they're going to have a very difficult time paying for treatment. What's really shameful about this vote is that it passed in a similar incarnation not too long ago, but couldn't under this Speaker.

There were 63 yeas, 93 nays and 3 people didn't vote. Here's the roll call.

Nays: DeLeo, Vallee, Mariano, Haddad, Petrolti, Aguiar, Allen, Arciero, Ayers, Basile, Binienda, Bowles, Bradley, Brady, Cabral, Calter, Canavan, Canessa, Coakley-Riviera, Costello, Curran, Dempsey, DiNatale, Donato, Ehrlich, Fagan, Fallon, Fennell, Flynn, Forry, Fox, Fresolo, Galvin, Gobi, Greene, Gregoire, Hogan, Honan, Kafka, Kane, Keenan, Koczera, Koutoujian, Kujawski, Kulik, McCarthy, McMurtry, Miceli, Michlewitz, Moran, Murphy C.A., Murphy J., Murphy K.J., Naughton, Nyman*, Pedone, Pignatelli, Quinn, Reinstein, Rice, Rogers, Rosa, Rushing, Sanchez, Sandlin, Speliotis, Spellane, Spiliotis, Stanley H.L., Straus, Swan, Timilty, Tobin, Wagner, Wallace, Walsh S., Walz, Jones, Peterson, Hill, Poirier, Barrows, deMacedo, Evangelidis, Frost, Gifford, Hargraves, Humason, Perry, Polito, Ross, Smola, Webster

Yeas: Alicea, Ashe, Atkins, Atsalis, Balser, Benson, Bosley, Brownsberger, Callahan, Campbell, Cantewell, Clark, Conroy, D'Amico, Donelan, Driscoll, Dwyer, Dykema, Falzone, Fernandes, Ferrante, Finegold, Garballey, Garry, Golden, Grant, Guyer, Hecht, Kaufman, Khan, Kocot, Lewis, Linsky, L'Italien, Madden, Malia, Nangle, O'Day, O'Flaherty, Patrick, Peake, Peisch, Provost, Puppolo, Richardson, Rodrigues, Sannicandro, Scaccia, Scibak, Sciortino, Smith, Smizik, Speranzo, Stanley T.M., St. Fleur, Story, Sullivan, Toomey, Torrisi, Turner, Walsh M.J., Welch, Wolf

Did not vote: Creedon, Harkins, Rush

*= after vote


Anonymous said...

Don't you think health ins is already too expensive

Ryan said...

1) No matter what, we're paying for this. We can pay to treat addicts, or we can pay when they commit crimes, embezzle or drain other resources... which ends up much more expensive.

2) This would have a very, very marginal impact on health insurance costs, especially given the fact other addictions are already included as mandatory costs.

Laura said...

Also, as Rep. Ruth Balser pointed out in the floor debate on this, the MA House already PASSED language last year including gambling addiction as something to be covered by insurance. So this amendment would have been entirely consistent with past action of this body. Wildly frustrating....

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