Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roll Call Time: Putting the odds on the machine

A lot of amendments to the casino bill failed so far, and the bulk of them seem to be matters of basic human dignity. Well, there's nothing more basic than putting the odds of winning on the machines. All we kept hearing from state legislators who have said that they'd swap their votes was that they 'wanted to make the bill better,' and by voting for it, would be in a position to do it. Well, this vote proves that to be a steaming pile of horse manure.

Let the record stand -- on the D'Amico amendment to post the odds of winning on slot machines. 20 yeas, 137 neas, 2 no votes. *means after vote.

Neas: DeLeo, Vallee, Mariano, Haddad, Petrolati, Aguiar, Alicea, Allen, Arciero, Ashe, Atsalis, Ayers, Basile, Benson, Binienda, Bosley*, Bowles, Bradley, Brady, Cabral, Calter, Campbell, Canavan, Canessa, Cantwell, Clark, Coakley-Rivera, Costello, Curran, Dempsey, DiNatale, Donato, Donelan, Driscoll, Dwyer, Ehrlich, Fagan, Fallon, Fennell, Fernandes, Ferrante, Finegold, Flynn, Forry, Fox, Fresolo, Galvin, Garballey, Garry, Gobi, Golden, Grant, Greene, Gregoire, Hogan*, Honan, Kafka, Kane, Kaufman, Keenan, Khan, Kocot, Koczera, Koutoujian, Kujawski, Kulik, Linsky, L'Italien, Madden, Malia, McCarthy, McMurtry, Miceli, Michlewitz, Moran, Murphy C. A., Murphy J., Murphy K.J., Nangle, Naughton, Nyman, O'Day, O'Flaherty, Peake, Pedone, Peisch, Pignatelli, Puppolo, Quinn, Reinstein, Rice, Richardson, Rodrigues, Rosa, Rush, Rushing, Sanchez, Sandlin, Sannicandro, Scibak, Smith, Smizik, Speliotis, Spellane, Speranzo, Spiliotis, Stanley H.L., Stanley T.M., St. Fleur, Story, Straus, Sullivan, Swan, Timilty, Tobin, Toomey, Turner, Wagner, Wallace, Walsh M.J., Walsh S., Walz, Welch, Jones, Peterson, Hill, Poirier, Barrows, deMacedo, Evangelidis, Gifford, Hargraves, Humason, Perry, Ross, Smola, Webster.

Yeas: Atkins, Balser, Brownsberger, Callahan, Conroy*, D'Amico, Dykema, Falzone, Guyer, Hecht, Lewis, Patrick, Provost, Rogers, Scaccia, Sciortino, Torrisi, Wolf, Frost, Polito

Did not vote: Creedon, Harkins

Legislators can feel free to send into Ryan's Take why they felt the odds should not be posted on machines. I'll post those comments in full, because I really want to hear it.

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