Thursday, June 10, 2010

Couldn't be truer words...

Kos is right:
The GOP establishment tries to nominate electable candidates, and gets sabotaged by the teabaggers. We're trying to nominate electable candidates, and we get sabotaged by the Democratic Party establishment. We won in Pennsylvania, lost in Arkansas. You can't win them all. But make no mistake -- we made the politically smart move.

Everything about the Arkansas election's involvement with the democratic party establishment made me sick to my stomach, both their local leaders and national leaders. Their local county leaders actually stole the election, taking Halter's best counties in the state and almost eliminating the polls there so people couldn't vote (Halter's best country -- which represented 3% of his total state-wide vote in the first go-round, went from 40 polling locations to 2, where the polls would have had to take 500 people per hour per machine to meet demand). The national party turned labor, our biggest and most important ally, into an enemy -- and openly mocked them. All this to support the corporatist hack who's completely unelectable in the general election.

Tuesday was a sad, sad day -- and Kos got it right. Whereas the netroots and grassroots are interested in electable candidates who would actually be more responsive to the population, national leaders are interested in supporting the status quo, even if those candidates are completely unelectable and corporatist hacks.

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