Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bernstein is THE MAN

He has my eternal respect for this column:

Just 20 months ago, the citizenry of the Commonwealth voted -- in a solid, convincing 56-44 vote, in the highest-turnout election in many years -- to ban greyhound racing. You, or I, or Bobby D might disagree with that decision. We might feel bad for the affected employees, dozens of whom lobbied at the state house yesterday.

But the solid majority of voters clearly believe that dog racing is so venal, cruel, and degrading that it should be among that small category of atrocities we won't allow in our state. And they certainly understood, as they cast their vote, that people would lose their jobs as a consequence.

Read the whole piece, it's not that long and needs to be said. The Race Tracks should be closed, shuttered and gone now -- no last vestiges, folks. This was never about the dogs for the tracks, though, it was always about $$$ (and the dogs haven't made $$$ in a decade or more).... they only keep those doors open for the pretenses, in hopes of getting slots. We decided, as a state, to close those doors -- and the politicians here are bucking us.


Anonymous said...

We also voted to roll back the income tax and we voted for clean election.
Dave Whelan

Middleboro Remembers said...

The game is "Let's Pretend" to legalize SLOT BARNS in the Commonwealth to magically 'save' race tracks that are dead around the country.

Atlantic City is about to be taken over by the desparate Governor in search of revenues.

This about says it all --
New Jersey Doubles Down on Casinos

The homestretch for racing
It's not just the casino business that's hurting in New Jersey. Horse racing there, and around the country, is a dying breed.

Churchill Downs (Nasdaq: CHDN), the operator of the venerable Kentucky Derby, has suffered several years of declining racing revenues, while the other two legs of racing's Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, almost went out of business this year. Penn National stepped up to save the Preakness, while cash-strapped New York loaned Belmont $25 million to finish out the 2010 season. New York track operator Empire Resorts (Nasdaq: NYNY) is also facing hard times.

Middleboro Review said...

You might find the Ballot 3 vote by district interesting --

Ballot Question 3 - Senate Districts

Ballot Question 3 - House Districts

Some of the staunchest Slot Barn Cheerleaders might consider their district votes.

It doesn't seem these elected officials are iistening to their constituents, but rather to the ever present LOBBYISTS as if they'll be the ones voting in November.

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