Friday, July 02, 2010

New Layout and Reader Opinions

I just started checking out Blogger's new layout features and dig them. The choices aren't as numerous as I'd like and not as customizable as I'd like, but I'm getting a fantastic value for all the money I'm paying Google (nada).

I've played a bit with some of the settings, from layout to fonts. I'm not sure I like all the changes as much as what I had before, but then again I like some of them more. Personally, my aesthetics pertain to the simplistic, albeit with a love for vibrant colors. While this new layout maintains the former, it's decidedly bleak on the latter. I may make a new banner.

Are the changes good, bad -- indifferent? Thoughts, anyone? Would anyone want changes -- and what kind of changes would they like?

Unfortunately, aside from the banner and side gadgets, I can't do much in terms of uploading my own designs or photos, so a background photo or design wholly unique to the site would be difficult -- so keep in mind the limitations.


Speaking of changes, I find my interest of late moving into a healthy direction -- different directions. While I've always been absorbed into all things policy and, to a lesser extent, politics -- and always will be -- I find myself more and more interested in writing about other interests. If I were to post them here, would people be interested? Or would that be a total turnoff? What, besides politics, are people even interested in?

Given the dearth of posts on Ryan's Take over the past few months, in large part due to shifting interests, I think I need to write about other subjects, somewhere, just to keep me writing. Personally, I think focusing on some other subjects will actually improve my political blogs.

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