Monday, December 06, 2010

Daily Updates: 12.6.10

  • I'm feeling very mheh about the new facebook profile...
  • (1 week would offset the entirety of this coming year's expected deficit.)
  • Hmm. 10 weeks of war spending in Afghanistan ($2.8 billion a week) would pay for the entire Massachusetts state budget. Can anyone say, "misplaced priorities?"
  • I don't get how adding a cartoon picture will help the children, but it sounds fun.
  • AT&T shouldn't be sending me emails saying "Last chance to waterproof your iphone" when I don't even have an iPhone. Thanks for rubbing it in :P
  • Well, it doesn't make up for Brown's pissing on the poor this Christmas, but he still gets a big thanks for now supporting repeal of DADT
  • Dear Facebook, I'd really love it if you allowed users an easy-to-create way of making RSS feeds of their status updates and group feeds, etc. That can't be hard, and it's a great way to get people clicking on Facebook who aren't already doing it. Let's get it done!
Lots of tweets, too.

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