Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Uncomfortable with budget

Seems to me the cuts are too harsh. Don't understand why we can't balance this out with some reasonable new revenue generators.


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Joel Patterson said...

About the budget, Ryan... the shorter version of this would appear to be:

Lege: Hey, you rich people have to give up your tax breaks and tax credits. Chip in, help the commonwealth!
Rich People: No, we won't be doing that.
Lege: Oh. OK.
Lege: You city workers need to have your contracts rewritten by the management, with no input from you.
City Workers: Hold on, that's not right!
Lege: Sorry, but it must be done. All got to get in the boat and row together!

Ryan said...

Isn't that what always happens, Joel? Le sigh.

Note: I deleted the spam comment, thanks for letting me know Joel. Missed it.

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