Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some US Senate Predictions

Just for kicks and giggles, here's some predictions I'm willing to make for the MA-US Senate race.
  • Listening to the "Newton issue" is absolutely hilarious. Setti Warren wins Newton 2-1, not that it really matters.
  • Scott Brown's popularity is just about cut in half by September before the next election. 
  • Someone wins a majority of the Democratic primary vote.
  • The Tea Party fails in its promises to challenge Brown in the GOP Primary.
  • Bob Massie's in-state name recognition will be well above 50% by midway through the summer before the election, no matter how hard Emily Rooney tried to ignore him in the above-link. 
  • A gazillionaire will jump in the race, but do so late, and sloppy, and lose. 
  • Scott Brown will not be our next US Senator.
  • Republicans will inevitable somehow declare fraud or cheating, no matter what the margin of defeat ends up being. 
In other news, Mike and I talked this race and the Boston City Council election on today's Left Ahead, with a brief editorial comment that I made on collective bargaining at the end of the show.

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