Monday, May 09, 2011

They may be obscure, but gotta love the primary choices

Thus far, we've had Bob Massie and Alan Khazei in the race to replace Senator Scott Brown. Now we can officially add Newton Mayor Setti Warren to the list. All three of these candidates are known as progressives and each have diverse backgrounds and compelling stories, so the differences will have more to do with style and priorities than a checklist of where they stand on the issues. Now we just have to find out more about them, both as candidates and how they'd act as legislators.

There's another question, too. All the heavily rumored candidates are either in or, in the case of Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, out. Since what we have in the race thus far are three candidates of little fame or fortune, does that mean someone very different will be compelled to risk entrance into the race?

Be it a Congressperson who's looking at the improving odds, or a wealthy hedge-fund type, it shouldn't shock anyone -- though it's probably just as likely that what we see is what we get, which would suit me just fine. After all, despite however little known they may all be in public, if you're a lover of good government and reality-based policy, it's hard to complain about any of these fine Democratic candidates.

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