Friday, July 15, 2011

The Speaker's Slots Hypocrisy?

In the Speaker's anger over cyber cafes, that have used what seem to be loopholes to allow gambling in their establishments in Massachusetts, he said something mighty interesting.
“Owners of these establishments are taking advantage of their patrons and scamming them out of money,” DeLeo said in a statement. “This is unacceptable and I look forward to seeing this legislation passed into law.”
Apparently, offering games that employ gambling on computers at cyber cafes is somehow different than offering games that employ gambling on computers at slot parlors. In fact, the former is "scamming" people, while the latter is "job creation." 

Mr. Speaker, your logic is flawed. You are right about the cyber cafes being a scam, wrong about wanting to let your friends at Suffolk Downs own a proposed super cyber cafe.


MiddleboroRemembers said...

Boy! Did you get that one right!

My comment:

From the article:

Attorney General Martha Coakley, who has been cracking down on the cafes for several months, praised DeLeo’s efforts.

“These cyber caf├ęs are really cyber scams with no posted odds, minimum odds, or guarantee of payouts for patrons,” she said in a statement. “This bill makes certain that companies cannot skirt our laws.”


Didn't Mr. "Racino" oppose efforts to add those protections to the flawed legislation in 2010?

Of the Probation Dept. scandal:

DeLeo was one of several top lawmakers named in the Ware report, conducted by an independent investigator, which revealed widespread patronage in the beleaguered department. It found 58 percent of the 12 candidates DeLeo backed for jobs were ultimately hired, placing him amid legislators with the most success. He’s mentioned 41 times in the report by name.

Maybe that's where the focus should be.

And who has mentioned any focus on the homes and businesses destroyed by tornadoes? These are our fellow residents of the Commonwealth that are being ignored.

Beacon Hill has its priorities skewed.

Anonymous said...

The Bob DeLeo ritement campaign is built around slots, wonderland, and suffolk downs. That's if he is not indicted.

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