Tuesday, August 09, 2011

First Ad Against Scott Brown, 2012


Voice actor, over sad music, images of struggling seniors: "Right now, seniors are barely breaking even, facing higher and higher medical bills, costs that keep going up, all on tapped-out fixed incomes. Who's on their side?"

Cut to an image of Scott Brown looking at his most aloof and out of touch. Cue 'serious' music.'

Voice Actor: "Not Scott Brown. At one meeting, he warned seniors that their benefits would be cut in the deficit-reduction bill, a bill he voted for."

Cut to image of a white-haired grandma, angry but resolute, sitting on her front porch, with her grand kids on her lap.

Grandma: "I can't afford any benefit cuts."

Then she'll read John Walsh's line:
“I never thought I’d see the day when a senator from Massachusetts would talk about slashing Social Security and Medicare benefits before holding billionaire hedge fund managers accountable,” John Walsh, the chairman of the state Democratic Party, said in a statement today.
Grandma: "We can't afford six more years of Senator Brown. We need someone who will protect Medicare and Social Security, not vote to cut it. That's why I'm supporting [Insert Democratic candidate here]."

Cut to Democratic Candidate, knocking on a senior's door or at a senior center, etc.: "I'm running to protect Social Security and Medicare, our families and our seniors, and to make this country work for its people again, not just Wall Street and the Bankers. That's why I approve this message, and that's why I ask for you vote on election day. Thank you."

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Anonymous said...

All you need is a candidate. Anyone named Warren?

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