Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not ready for the rough and tumble?

When it comes to the criticism of Elizabeth Warren, that's always the first one I hear. She's a Harvard elite, she's an intellectual, she's "cloistered."

These are the criticisms being launched against her -- the person who Time called one of "The New Sheriffs of Wall Street." You know, the one who took on the most powerful industry in America -- the banks -- and won, pushing through the Consumer Protection Agency, something few ever thought could be done.

The idea that Elizabeth Warren is just too dainty for Congress is absurd. If fire and passion is the measure, she's got that in spades.

Yes, she's never been a candidate before. Yes, it remains to be seen if she'll be a good one. Yes, I'm still waiting to learn more before I fully commit to the race, including her official announcement.

But the fact that she teaches at Harvard is not going to stop her from talking about the issues pressing our families. The fact that she's a woman doesn't mean she won't bring the toughness and passion to her campaign necessary to defeat Scott Brown.

Yes, I went there, because gender is really what the "rough and tumble" is all about, isn't it? It's a dog-whistle politics of a different kind and should be called out as such.

There are certainly still questions about her ability to campaign that any new candidate would face, as well as the sorts of policies she'll support outside of the financial sector, but being ready for the rough and tumble of Congress or political campaigns ain't it. If that's your critique, it's time to pick something else.

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