Friday, September 16, 2011

Transgender Rights Podcast : Left Ahead

I was pumped this week that Mike scored not one, but two excellent guests this week. We've had Kara Suffredini, head of Mass Equality, on the show a couple times before and she always makes a fantastic guest. Her analysis is as sharp as it is thoughtful -- the word acerbic comes to mind.

But to finally get Gunner Scott on from the Mass Transgender Political Coalition? And have them both on the same show? That's some pretty heady stuff -- and they did not disappoint. Gunner Scott has done so much to push this issue and organize the coalition that has made this bill even be a possibility.

As a reminder, groups like the MTPC and Mass Equality, with all the hundreds or even thousands of volunteers they got involved, managed push through An Act Relative to Transgender Rights last year in both the House and Senate, but it never quite made it through reconciliation process primarily because of the short deadline at the time it came up.

Listen in as we talk the state of transgender rights in the Commonwealth, as well as transgender issues in general and why they're so important for everyone -- not just people who are transgender, but everyone. We get into some specifics on the new dynamics of the legislature this year and how that impacts the bill, as well as talking the timeline.

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Transgender Rights Podcast : Left Ahead

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