Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fate Smiles from Above

While some people have criticized the design of MLK Jr.'s monument in Washington, D.C., fate was clearly smiling on the date of its opening. It was opened yesterday, on the day of mass protests -- and arrests -- across the country and abroad, in the cause of economic and social justice, issues King cared about a great deal.

With the Occupy movement maturing into its next phase, it looks stronger than ever, becoming something that can't be ignored. Like King and the protesters during the civil rights movement, that means more people will be arrested, more people will be punished and more people will be oppressed, until the powers that be can no longer get away with it.

The overreaction by the powers that be -- their fear and fury of the plebeians asking for modest changes to society that enable the American Dream to be shared with circles beyond the extraordinary rich -- is only further empowering the movement, as people read about what happens and begin to understand the world we really live in, as people begin to understand the outrages and abuse regular people go through when they dare to stand up to the status quo. King understood that way back when, and people understand that now. That's why, like then, the protesters today will win. That's why I'm sure MLK would look back on the day his monument opened as perfectly fitting for the biggest protests yet for the Occupy Movement.

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