Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#OccupyBoston Roundup

Here's a list of some important resources, information and videos concerning Occupy Boston, so people can figure out what the heck is really going on and what this is all about. Feel free to add to the comments anything  you think I may have missed.

UnaSpencer's diaries on Daily Kos, an insider perspective with in depth discussion
  • A primer on the General Assembly, so you know what to expect if you go.
  • Holding the line, a diary on what happened before the General Assembly's decision to approve the second camp and what happened directly after. 
  • The Day After, on Occupy Boston's resolve to keep going and the movement's growing strength in the face of adversity.
  • Menino is no fan of civil disobedience. 
  • Boston's trying to pin the second camp on anarchists and foreigners... like Mubarak did in Egypt.
  • 70% support Occupy Wall St. movement
  • Garrett Quinn: "It was ugly and fast."
  • The Day 25 Mothership Roundup of the entire OWS movement, for those looking at how things are going outside of Boston.

Woman choked by police officer
Activestills Occupy Boston gallery
Safesounds Occupy Boston arrest gallery
Gallery from Monday, both the 10k-strong march and second camp, before police raid.


Open letter to Menino
What would Rose Kennedy have thought about protesters on her greenway?

Videos from raid, TV segments

Cop pushes someone off wall

The raid begins

Post-raid dozens marched to the jail in support of those arrested. No embed.

AP video of arrests

Global Revolution Live Channel -- a live feed on the Occupy movement and its global economic-justice cousins. There's programming 24/7, usually previously recorded videos from around the world, and it'll go live with commentary when big things are going on.

Here's a wonderful video showing our fearless leaders expressing how important the freedom of assembly is abroad, even as they crack down on it here.

Young Turks report on Occupy Boston raid

Keith Olbermann interview with OccupyBoston participant who was raided and an organizer of one of the people participating in the OccupyWallSt

More Keith:
Occupy Boston Resources

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