Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting the conversation rolling on the MBTA

I'm quick to point out that putting corporate welfare up against the MBTA is a means to spark a conversation on Beacon Hill.

People want to save the MBTA and getting rid of the Hollywood Film Tax Credits is one really great way to do it.

However, even reforming the Film Tax Credit could go a long way toward preserving services on the MBTA -- and if a few reps talk over coffee about that crazy petition they were reading about on Blue Mass Group last night and how it may have have a point, that's a victory.

Maybe those reps prove key in getting some reform on the tax credit, with the savings going toward MBTA debt relief.

But to do that, we have to go after the whole enchilada, because that's the only way Beacon Hill will take people seriously.

And, who knows, maybe it'll take off and we'll really get the whole enchilada. So, sign now!

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