Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tom Cruise's Film Tax Credit would have Covered Weekend Services: Please Sign!

Want a reason to be outraged over the service cuts facing the MBTA?

Well, here's one. In the state's wasteful Film Tax Credit law, where the state covers 25% of all a movie's expenses if they film here, we paid for 25% of Tom Cruise's $20 million dollar salary.

That's $5 million dollars the state spent in corporate welfare to Tom Cruise, as if he needs any.

Well, what else could that have paid for? In my post over at Blue Mass Group, I mentioned how all weekend commuter rail services (and any trains after 10pm) would be cut in one of the plans -- all to save a measly $5.7 million dollars.

That's right, the money we paid to Tom Cruise in corporate welfare could have almost entirely, and perhaps fully, paid for weekend services on the commuter rail for the entire year.

I hope you're as outraged as I am.

Please sign -- then email it to all your friends and people you know who ride the T, and ask them to sign, too.

Then Tweet it, Facebook it and post it at your blog.

Tell Beacon Hill to get its priorities straight.

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