Thursday, June 28, 2012

Scott Brown Heard Your Question, but isn't Interested

Bay State Liberal nails it
Health care's future is on the line but what did Scott Brown focus during his "debate" with Dan Rea? Yep, CherokeeGate. 
A few hundred miles away in New York, Elizabeth Warren sought refuge on an equally partisan stage, trying to talk substance about underwater mortgages with Rachel Maddow.
While Elizabeth Warren constantly tackles problems that are actually effecting voters across Massachusetts, our Jr. Senator (rightly) thinks talking about the actual issues will cost him the election. It's all faux heritage-gate and innuendo until November... if the Senator gets his way.

If there's any shred of decency left in the organizations we formerly called the Boston Mainstream Media, they'll start to lay the smack down and demand he'll address his record and the issues. Don't hold your breath.

Until that happens, he'll deftly stonewall any serious questions and quickly pivot to how he's such a great dad or how Elizabeth Warren is a secret marxist foreigner and other assorted BS.

Activists and the netroots have a roll to play. We need to be loud enough so the media hears what we're saying and actually covers this race like journalists.

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