Monday, May 15, 2006

My Prayers Are Answered: Deval Resigned from Ameriquest!

In a recent blog, I publically called for Deval Patrick to step down from his Ameriquest Board position. Today, when I checked my email, my prayers were answered! He's leaving Ameriquest.

Mass Revolution Now posts the entire email I read and says it's an example of Deval Patrick being a leader. Talking Politics says it's a political victory for Reilly.

People can call it whatever they want, but from a campaign supporter of Deval Patrick, here's what I think. He heard the call by supporters to step down, and answered them. He answered my calls when I said this:

I think you've served that company with the best intentions, helping clean up its bad ways. However, they're gutting jobs in Massachusetts - and what better way to support Bay State jobs than refusing to be a part of a company practicing a very bad Massachusetts trend of cutting jobs here? Don't profit from a company that would do Bay State citizens harm.
And I mean every word of it. By stepping down, Patrick takes away the one broken-record attack Tom Reilly continually made: Deval worked for a bad company. It didn't matter that Deval helped clean up that company, Tom Reilly is a well-practiced politician. He saw an opening and continually took it. Now that opening is gone.

Deval didn't elaborate on why he left Ameriquest. In the email, he talked about his work with them. He talked about their layoffs in Massachusetts. However, he never said "this is why I'm leaving Ameriquest."

I can only deduce he left because his supporters were calling for him to leave. He didn't use any populist trickery when leaving - like I suggested - claiming he couldn't support a company willing to cut even more Massachusetts jobs. For better or worse, he's too good for that.

In the end, I'll have to side against Talk Politics: Deval did show leadership. Sometimes, Governor's have to make tough decisions that voters won't support. However, other times they have to do the opposite and make goofy decisions that shouldn't matter.

How Does it Show Leadership?

It reminds me of when I was a class officer in high school: the Swampscott High Class of 2002 wanted a prom in Boston; the Class President and other officers wanted something a little more realistic. I agreed with the other officers: a prom nearby made more sense and would cost less. However, in the end I told them we should do what the people who elected us wanted in such a petty matter. It didn't matter where we had the prom. After all, who in 2 years would care? Alas, the gals I worked with didn't see the light. And it didn't matter much anyway; like I said, it was a petty issue.

Deval Patrick listened to the people. When health insurance, civil rights, tax rates or other important issues are at stake, sometimes Governors are called to make the tough, unpopular choice.

But an Ameriquest paycheck wasn't that kind of choice. It was the "where are we going to have prom" kind of choice. If Deval Patrick displayed any leadership today, it's this: Deval Patrick knows when it's right to dig in for something he believes in - and when it's right to appease the people on an issue that by all rights shouldn't be an issue to begin with.


D. R. Tucker said...

So how much was Mr. Patrick's severance package?

Ryan Adams said...

Who says he got a severance pay? Usually that only happens when the company wants you out... and I doubt they wanted Patrick out. After all, he's a pretty popular candidate who has laid lots of free publicity and good praise for the new and improved Ameriquest, as Patrick billed it since his being there.

BrightonGuy said...

Nothing has changed!

The story wasn't "Hey, Deval serves on the Ameriquest board."

The story is:
1) Deval won't say how much Ameriquest paid him
2) Deval was a part of Ameriquest's unclearly shady goingson at Ameriquest
3) Deval supported Arnall's Ambassadorship bid despite Arnall being a Bush stooge

None of those three things have changed simply by Deval leaving the Board of Ameriquest.

Further, it raises the question of Deval's political posturing. He decides to leave the board a few days before the first big live debate, hoping to eliminate Ameriquest as an issue. Smacks of political posturing and evasiveness more than genuine sentiment.

Deval has dug his hole even deeper, to be honest.

Ryan Adams said...

No more posturing than Tom Reilly hammering an issue that by all accounts shouldn't have been an issue.

Furthermore, now the debate can be about the real issues - and not Tom Reilly grasping for straws.

Think what you want, it's certainly you're right, but I don't think you serve the best interests of this state if you'd rather be hearing about Ameriquest instead of how we're going to impliment our health care reform.

I'm voting for the guy who wants to talk about the issues.

Aaron said...

Ryan, seriously--"By all accounts" shouldn't have been an issue? More like by YOUR accounts it shouldn't be an issue. Tom Reilly was right, it is a question of conflicts. You cannot claim to be the voice of the little guy when you're making money from a company that purposely rips off the little guy.

Bugsy said...

Ryan, now that Deval has come clean on Ameriquest, can you ask him to change is position on Big Oil and Big Wind.

Ryan Adams said...

Big Wind? Oh, Bugsy... I wish you'd see the light, or should I say wind?

And Aaron, he was hired by Ameriquest to fix Ameriquest. Should I expect my plumber to fix the toilet for free?

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