Friday, July 07, 2006

Should we Dunk Steve Lynch from Office?

Liveblogging the Liebermon-Lamont debate certainly pumped me up and gave me a little energy tonight and got me a-stirring. I'm sick of Democrats who don't care about democrats - and I believe that all our elected leaders must be held accountable to the constituents they're elected to serve.

If an elected official supports position after position that just doesn't make sense, it's high time to find someone better. During the debate, someone mentioned this BMG post, but I didn't pay it much thought. Now that I've had the time to go and read it for myself, I've reconsidered.

While I can't speak for the people of the 9th District, it seems to me like Steve Lynch leaves a lot to be desired. The little graphic makes it painfully obvious: Steve Lynch isn't looking out for the fiscal future of our country, isn't a big fan of privacy (be it woman's rights or the Patriot Act) and worst of all seems to think everything's all hunky and dory in Iraq, at least to the degree that he's given support to the war.

I highly doubt the 9th is in favor of the war and I equally doubt they support fiscal insanty by auctioning the future so we can have our fiscal cake and eat it too now. One of the BMG commenters made a good point: Steve Lynch is an incumbent, has a huge monetary advantage and likely a better get-out-the-vote (GOTV) machine... but does that mean we should just forget about the race?

No. Since there are no polls available (believe me, I've scowered), we don't really know just how safe Lynch's seat is. However, here is a golden opportunity to send Steve Lynch and DINOs everywhere a message. Every vote against Steve Lynch is a vote that will help him become accountable - or else. If Lynch loses, there's one less Iraqi war supporter. If he wins, but faces a primary challenger that forces him to spend money and campaign, he'll learn that he needs to rethink his political philosophy and actually listen to the people he serves.

It's time we make incumbents know that they are still held accountable for their actions. There are no free rides in American Politics.

I'd like to know a lot more about this race. If anyone can provide me any information on either of the candidates and the actual race, please let me know. I'd like to see more competition in Massachusetts races and will cover a plethora of them.

For more information, Dunkelbarger's campaign website and Lynch's website. Plus, Adam Reilly of the Boston Pheonix chimes in with a great (and fair) report. It's a must-read.


winchou said...

Hey Ryan -- Thanks for the post; I was checking the video clips of the lamont debate as they were posted. Awesome stuff. Wish you were in the 9th CD (are you?). We absolutely need to hold Lynch accountable; voting for a familiar name is not democracy in action. Meantime, check this video:

The hosting service ain't the speediest, but wait and you see (and hear) Phil talking about issues. And all the press releases in teh Press Room, too:

What other products should we add to help you get to know Phil?

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll check out those links - and try to think of some interesting things too =)

Anonymous said...

I saw your post on kos and came over here (don't have an account there) and can I just say, COULDN'T AGREE MORE! Lynch is awful. It bugs me no end that we're represented by by far the worst DINO in our entire delegation. I wish I could move a few towns over just to escape this guy. Democrats for Life, ugh, he never even knows what town he's in when he comes to my part of the district, his office is completely unresponsive if you ever need to deal with them, and overall everytime I've heard him speak he just comes off like the smarmiest Republican politician you can imagine. He reminds me of Lieberman in that he doesn't even CARE how out of touch he is with his constituents, he's proud of it, like we're too stupid to understand why he votes the way he does or something. I never ever vote for Lynch and will definitely be voting for his primary opponent, I'm so glad he has one. Thank you.

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