Sunday, August 20, 2006

Oh, That's Right, It's All Deval Patrick's Fault

Oh-oh, another Frank Phillips article on Deval Patrick. Even bigger oh-oh, it's about Ray Rogers and Killer Coke.

And it's all Deval Patrick's fault!
Aggressive moves by gubernatorial candidate Deval L. Patrick's aides and supporters to seize on a misstep by one of his Democratic rivals has put union organizer Ray Rogers under scrutiny by state campaign finance regulators...
That's right folks, it has nothing to do with the fact that Ray Rogers possibly broke the law. It has nothing to do with the fact that Tom Reilly's campaign was in discussion with Ray Rogers regarding his "shadow campaign."

It's all Deval Patrick's fault - seizing on a political misstep! Those bastard politicians! It doesn't matter that laws were probably broken, Patrick is a political opportunist to the maximum degree, taking advantage of poor, old Tom Reilly.

...part of a plan Patrick's strategists hope will blunt attacks on him for his role as Coca-Cola's general counsel.

Blunt attacks? We're trying to blunt attacks? How about get the truth out - something Frank Phillips, the "reporter," is not interested in.


How sad that the Globe is losing all its journalistic integrity over the '06 race. Here's how the first paragraph should have been:

The Office of Campaign and Political Finance, acting on a complaint filed last week by union leaders who have endorsed Patrick, is reviewing accusations that Rogers, director of the New York-based Campaign to Stop Killer Coke, may be violating election laws. The complaint alleges Rogers failed to report his expenditures and may have coordinated his visit last week to Massachusetts with other gubernatorial campaigns.
But sadly, it didn't come till after Frank Phillips used code-words to make it sound as if Deval Patrick had *any* role in this whole Ray Rogers-Frank Phillips scandal. He didn't. It was all Ray Rogers, Tom Reilly - and Frank Phillips for being complicit. But I guess Democrats Swiftboating Democrats somehow makes the Boston Globe happy - when Deval Patrick is the target - so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised by another example of biased, terrible reporting.

It's not the unions filing complaints (because Ray Rogers claimed to represent unions), it's always:

The unions' complaint reflects how Patrick's strategists and supporters plan to deal with expected attacks on his record as general counsel at both Coke and Texaco and his role on the boards of Ameriquest Mortgage Co. and United Airlines. (Emphasis mine.)

As if it were Patrick filing the complaint, in just some ordinary fashion. In fact, this whole scandal is "routine" as Phillips says. These sorts of complaints happen all the time... NOT. It would be one thing if Phillips used any evidence whatsoever to call Killer Coke routine, but he doesn't. I highly doubt if he'd find one - other than the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, of course. But even they didn't get caught.

Worst of all, this is how Frank Phillips ends the article:

``I have had no conversations with any officials or representatives of any campaign," Rogers said."

Way to go, Frank. Don't let the truth get in the way of your agenda. It wouldn't help your biased reporting to mention that Joan Vennochi proved that quote was an outright lie.

So, remember, everyone - it's all Deval Patrick's fault. He's the dirty politician, not Tom Reilly. He's the one playing politics, not Ray Rogers. Deval Patrick somehow hurt the gays when he got them all fully equal domestic partnership benefits. Deval Patrick should be blamed for Coca-Cola's role in Columbia, though he resigned from the company in protest. It's all Deval Patrick's fault. After all, you read it in the Boston Globe.


Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone bothered by the deval justification for the United actions on partner benefits. He says that big companies can't deal with specific laws on wages and benefits in different communitiies. Well how does that apply to living wage laws in Cambridge? Or anywhere else?

Large companies have to deal with local jurisidictions on a wide range of issues.

It is a disappointing comment from the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Reilly has been really mealy mouthed on this one. He keeps referring to uncertainties about Patrick's role at Coke. Get over it Reilly, Patrick has anwsered those questions and answered them again. Reilly saying it's uncertain doesn't make it so. It just means that either Reilly is thick (a distinct possiblity) or he's just playing devisive politics. He has now dropped BELOW Healy in my choices for governor. Patrick is my man. I could hold my nose and vote for Gabs. But if Reilly is the candidate I'll vote Green. I really think Healy would do less damage to this state than Reilly would. He's not only bad at politics but he is ethically challenged as well.

Joe said...

What are you throwing a tizzy over? That whole article seemed to be one that defended a guy who is being attacked by an organization that's breaking the law and being unethical. I'm honestly not seeing what's so anti-deval about it. If its something obvious, please point it out, I might just be having a gigantic brain fart right now.

Ryan Adams said...

It's not the article itself, it's the way the article is written. Anyone that's taken a class on journalism would understand the coded words in there...

I'm too tired to make it any more clear, but I really think the article makes it look like Deval is playing politics with this. For starters, it's the union that's bringing the complaint... and it's not playing politics when a potentially serious illegality has occurred.

Maybe I've read so much shoddy reporting as of late (esp from Frank Phillips) that I'm seeing things that aren't there... but for a comparison to this... go read Kimberly Atkins article about the same thing in the Boston Herald. As much as I hate to say it, it's a MUCH better article when it comes to journalistic integrity.

Peter Porcupine said...

Welcome to my world.

The Glob is the home of biased and slanted reporting. If a GOP gets a speeding ticket, the Glob will report 'Devotee of Karl Rove Demonstrates Lawlessness Once Again'.

Shoe pinches when it's on the other foot.

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