Saturday, September 16, 2006

Deval in New Bedford, a Diff. Take on Gabrieli

First, I'd like to mention I'm going to see Deval one last time in New Bedford today - at 2pm. If anyone can make it and wants to meet me there, email me very soon for directions.

Finally, yesterday I continued my theory that Kerry Healey really wants Chris Gabrieli. It was just way to obvious to only go after Gabrieli before election day. It's the type of thing that's either a really stupid move or really brilliant, depending on whether or not she wanted Deval. However, an expert on Massachusetts politics who wished to remain anonymous had a different take on the situation: he or she thought that it was "probably a good move" since there are a lot of low information voters, even among professionals.

Sadly, that's the truth. So let's work hard to get Deval nominated. He's the one who's going to get more people to "check back in."

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Anonymous said...

Then, there's also the theory that with so much bad publicity for Gabrieli lately (the trash thing, the stock thing, insulting Deval's supporters and mocking his campaign slogan, going negative attacking the other Democrats and flip flopping on taxes) he's not looking so hot, and the attacks are just one more thing.

Then again, low information voters may not know about any of those things, but they may not know about the Healey/Gabrieli thing either.

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