Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Globe: Kerry Healy Strikes Back!

Kerry Healey Strikes Back!

It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

... that NARAL supported anyone other than a Democrat

... .... ...... ...... Kerry Healey whines.

Note to Kerry Healey: In New England alone, NARAL has endorsed both Joe Lieberman and Lincoln Chafee. Coincidentally, neither Lieberman nor Chafee are Democrats - which means only one of the three people to get NARAL endorsements running for Senate in New England is a Democrat (I'm assuming Ted got the NARAL endorsement).

Furthermore, Reed Hillman had the audacity to attack union support of Deval Patrick.

Are we supposed to act surprised when Deval gets the endorsement of the Massachusetts Teachers Association...

No, not surprised - but maybe just a little ashamed? However, that doesn't mean there weren't any surprise endorsements: the Springfield Police Union endorsed a Democrat for the first time in decades. Apparently, they're not so hot on Kerry "I have a Ph.D in crime!" Healey. To Reed Hillman, the former State Police Chief, that should have been both shocking and shameful.

(Note to readers: I hope you're enjoying my Kerry Healey cliches as much as I am. It is nearing Halloween, so 'tis the season to get naughty and have Kerry Healey costume parties blogs.)

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