Saturday, October 14, 2006

Herald: Sleazy and Distorting Readers

Well, I got riled up yesterday. Today? Not much better. It's funny that the Herald would print Deval's "accusations" against Kerry Healey as a story, when the newspaper itself was the cause of the story to begin with. The Herald knows exactly how it's disgraceful piece came about, yet didn't even mention that fact. It would be one thing if they wanted to protect their (gutter) source and said that in the story, but to not even do that betrays a reader's trust: they aren't fully disclosing their role in the story.

There's a little more about the story that's come out over the past few days. It seems the Globe has revealed - reluctantly or not - it's role in the story. The Globe received an "anonymous" (as they call it) letter about how Deval's brother-in-law raped his sister. The Globe did some fact checking, which included calling the state's Office of Public Safety. Thus, the Globe actually contributed to the Herald's ridiculous front-page article. The Globe ultimately decided to not print the story because it wasn't newsworthy. However, the fact that they were doing research on it illustrates the fact that they were seriously considering printing this smut - which has absolutely nothing to do with the campaign and should a private matter between Deval's sister and her husband.

Here's my take: This letter, which prompted this whole mess, clearly came from someone either directly in the Healey camp or closely allied to them - it's right in line with every other thing she's done on this campaign. If the shoe fits...

Furthermore, I have a second grievance: when has the media decided to cease reporting the story and become the story instead? It's a phenomenon sweeping across the country on the national scene; however, one would hope our local media wouldn't be so self-absorbed. Note to the local media - do your jobs.

Lastly, I'll be at the rally in the Commons tommorow, via the T. Hope to see some of you there!

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