Friday, October 13, 2006

Kerry Healey Went Too Far

Deval Patrick just put up a public comment on today's Boston Herald story. I chose not to write about the story before because, quite frankly, I was appalled they'd go there to begin with. It's one of those "have you no decency" moments that extends beyond the Herald's typical tabloid faux news into the classless and indecent. It turned the Herald front-page into something akin to a Howie Carr column. How was it even newsworthy? Deval Patrick's sister was raped, over a decade ago, by her very own husband. What does that have to do with this election? How does that better inform voters? It doesn't - which is precisely why it extends beyond news and becomes classless. So, today, the Herald ceased to be a newspaper and became Kerry Healey's free vehicle of attack against Deval Patrick.

For the past few days, I've been having fun by poking at Kerry Healey. She's trying to run a campaign that's as negative as possible, but it just isn't working. Normally, after the MSM starts tearing her a new one, I'd have some pity for Kerry Healey. At one point, during the primary, I ceased to dislike Tom Reilly and just felt bad for him. Kerry Healey doesn't deserve that; she won't get my pity. Instead, I'll watch with fiendish glee as she gets crushed by Deval Patrick in November.

However, at times it isn't going to be pretty. Kerry Healey has seen the poll numbers. She knows that her negative ads, while they seemingly improved her position somewhat, have driven a lot of people away from her. When you're already tremendously disliked, it's dangerous to go negative: you just feed into the position you've put yourself in.

It's Kerry Healey's own damn fault she's going to lose this race - and lose it big. Yet, she'll do anything - anything - to get at Deval Patrick. Well, she'll do anything except what she should have: staked out issues early on and run an informative, tough campaign. She needed something more substantive than cutting income taxes, which clearly didn't help her. Failing to do that, she turned to Rovian tactics. However, Karl Rove's tricks are anathema to Massachusetts voters. That barrel of tricks just doesn't work here, but she learned that too late to actually do anything about it.

Now, her Rovian tactics are all she has. She can't run a positive campaign at this point because people would know she's full of it; they've seen the venim she spews. You can't pretend to be a kitty when you already unleashed the tiger. It's too late to change tactics, so she has the choice of either giving up or employing a stay-the-course approach. She'll stay the course and try to ratchet it up a notch, but she'll fail. In the meantime, while she tries to fire up the electorate, she's really only be firing up Deval's people-powered army to come and drown out her flames in November.

Finally, I leave you all with an excerpt from Deval's message, emphasis mine:

I got into this race with no illusions. In a world where negative campaigns are commonplace, I expected to have my own accomplishments trivialized, my own judgments questioned, my life choices challenged. I haven’t always liked it, but I knew it was a price I would have to pay to be an agent of change -- not just in our policies, but in our politics.

And I took the time to prepare my family for what I thought would be coming. My sister and her husband went through a difficult time, and through hard work and prayer, they repaired their relationship and their lives. Now they and their children -- who knew nothing of this -- have had their family history laid out on the pages of a newspaper. Why? For no other reason than that they had the bad luck to have a relative who is running for governor. It’s pathetic and it’s wrong. By no rules of common decency should their private struggles become a public issue. But this is the politics of Kerry Healey. It disgusts me. And it must be stopped.

Kerry Healey has never offered a single reason why she should be governor that doesn’t depend on tearing me down. She has no vision, no plan, no positive agenda, and no leadership experience. Her record on jobs and the economy, on health care, on higher education, on crime has been one of shortcuts, gimmicks and failure. And so rather than deal with that, she has done everything she can to change the subject.

Update: Before I get any comments that say, "but it was the Herald that printed the story, not Kerry," let's see if she denounces it. Until then, this is all part of the dying right-wing propaganda machine. When you want to smear someone and get away with it, you dial up the Boston Herald.

2nd Update: The Globe knew about this story since last Friday, yet is trying to cover up that fact (read the comments). So far, the Globe has refused to confirm or deny whether or not Kerry Healey's forces were behind this most recent smear tactic. My guess is Kerry Healey is about as far removed from whoever is peddling this crap as the Bush administration was from the Swift Boaters (which is to say, barely removed at all). Deval Patrick is right: It's time we stop allowing politics to become games of cynicism and start ensuring government becomes a tool for good once again.


StunnedVoter said...

Disgusting. This race has become a national embarassment. I don't even think she's trying to win, she's just trying to create such a negative atmosphere that people get disgusted and it discourages turnout. I can't believe anyone would sink this low--hey, is the brother-in-law Latino? Maybe Kerry was trying to drive someone else out of her neighborhood and did a little research...

What is her campaign slogan, vote for me, it'll be even more embarassing to have me as your governor. I may not have anything to offer, absolutely nothing at all, but I'm a throughly loathsome human being. If this works, then we absolutely deserve what we get. There are no more excuses here.

Ryan Adams said...

It is so friggin disgusting I have no words to describe it. That's why I brushed it aside this morning when I went to the Herald website.

Kerry Healey should be ashamed, regardless of whether or not she was directly behind it. She knows she has surragates doing this kind of thing and with what's she's done so far, it's par for the course. If she said "let's avoid negative campiagning" and actually practiced it... this story would never have happened.

StunnedVoter said...

She can't be ashamed, she has no sense of shame. I just saw her new commercial, and the woman...she's an absolute pig. How can you do these things and look yourself in the mirror? I guess when you're an idiot from beverly Farms who's always had everything handed to you you just don't care. I want it and I don't care how i get it.

And you know, look at how she contrasts with Patrick's sister. Do you know hard it is to get a conviction for rape, especially when you're married to the guy? That took an amazing amount of courage, and it's inspiring to stand up for other women in the same position like that knowing you'll be dragged through the mud for it. Character. What a difference between her and Healey.

Likes Bikes 2 said...

What I wonder at this point is how she thinks people are even going to look at her commercials now? I don't want to see her Flippin' face anymore. Click, moving on to another channel!

I also wonder if she still wants to go one on one with him in a debate anymore. I mean, she could turn her back on Christy Mihos - but could she have ago at an actual _lawyer_ who has argued numerous cases, _and_ hates her guts?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a one-on-one, she'd answer every question by yelling at the reporter, saying I can't answer until I call George W for help, or trying to distract by beating up a homeless guy with his hands bound. The thing about her ads, they DON'T have her in them. She knows nobody likes her and we're sick to death of her but she thinks if she just stays out of it she can fool us or something.

Anonymous said...

We’ve seen this move before. Candidate falls in the polls, so candidate tries to change the dynamic and attack us, and I think the voters are going to see through it This is a baseless attack that he can’t prove, and he’s free-falling in the polls and wants to hide his record

Who made those quotes? Believe it or not, HEALEY'S campaign manager. So no, irony isn't dead. Ryan, stop comparing her to the Wicked Witch of the West. Read Wicked, she was just misunderstood, this wicked witch knows what she's doing and she think it's funny.

Ryan Adams said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with strong feelings on this LOL

arby said...

I was running for state rep until the iuncumbent jumper back into the race, and I withdrew. I have really invetsed myself in Deval's campaign. I have learned what is involved in running a campaign. I have also learned that though I would like to be in office, I do not want to run. I can think of many things that I have done in my life that I am proud of, but I can see how even the things that you value the most in yourself can be twisted to make it appear as if you are something you are not. I am not willing to go through that or subject my spouse and our daughter to that. The whole business is sorted and ugly.

I called that reporter at the Herald. I left him a message asking him why he was writing a story about the relative of a candidate why he was not curious about who leaked confidential information, and why he didn't qyusestion why this man has been here for nine years and the SORI board is just catching up with him noe, 4 weeks before the election. I asked when the Herald was going to write a story about Kerry Healey not being ablke to get elected state rep in her own community on two separate occasions about her lack of accomplishment, the sources of her husband's money, his tax scam, etc. This whole thing has made me disheartened about politics. The only thing that will make me feel better is for Deval to win and win big, and then maybe this crap will change.

Ryan Adams said...

Thanks for the message, Arby. Don't be discouraged, we are going to win. We are going to change politics for the better. People-powered movements can't be stopped - and our time has come.

Don't be afraid to run for office. I can understand being afraid of running for a Beacon Hill position, but there are so many important positions that typically go unchallenged - town committees, town meeting, city council posts... there are just so many - and few of them will force you to have to go through the mess that Deval has just recently gone through.

Anonymous said...

One recnt poll had women 63% for Deval and 27% for Muffy. Coming from a large family, I am often in the company of sisters, sister in-laws, friends etc. The women all say how much they can't stand her....she acts snotty, entitled and too elite for them. And no matter what happens with the negative ads etc, they are stead fast in their dislike for her. Deval will win this one based on what I hear.

GreenSmile said...

After this hatchet job from the Herald that tattled about, not Deval but some ancient dirty laundry of his family, I wish somebody would make some obvious conclusions more widely known to our Massachusetts MSM, for whom nothing appears to be obvious.
1. Healy may be able to disclaim personal responsibility for this shameful lowering of the civility and relevance of the negative campaigning but she can only do so if she can shed her supporters: the vicious goons at the Herald. They reflect on her character more than something Deval's brother did decades ago reflects on him.
2. So now we know something about the deprived family circumstances of Deval's upbringing that we probably didn't want to know...about anybody's family. So what? All that it tells us about the candidate is just how far he has come and how much he has overcome to get where he is now. Can Healy point to any such obstacles in her career? Deval would appear to be made of grittier and more optimistic stuff than the relatively priveleged Ms Healy.
3. The attack ads [that do have Healy's name on them] that equate Deval with a cop killer are carefully ommiting the fact that as the convicted man's attorney, Patrick was doing the job he was obligated to do. In what capacity has Healy so effectively discharged her obligations?

Lynne said...

Everyone, keep in mind this story was shopped around to at least the Globe and the Herald. The Globe looked at it, and said, nothing to see here, move along.

So before you assume the Herald just got this themselves, think twice! They were pawns of somebody, some "anonymous" source. The only people who are doing extensive oppo research on Patrick and his whole life and family (and who can afford it) is the Healey people. Someone got a hold of this conviction info, and I BET dollars to donuts that it was with the knowledge that the BIL wasn't registered (ug, that stupid thing) so that triggering an investigation with the media would trigger an investigation with the public safety board. They then discover he's not, send the letter, let the media know (because it was a media inquiry that started it), and the Herald, though not the Globe, decided to run with it.

I dunno, awefully to many sure bets it had to be someone connected to the Healey campaign, even if not officially, to me.

Anonymous said...

Healey has NO plausible deniability here, plain and simple. She's been running a sleazy, fear mongering campaign that caters to stupidity and panders to the lowest common denomenator. She's the boy who cried wolf if she expects anyone to believe that after all the sleaxy stunts she's pulled, why she had absolutely nothing to do with this particular sleazy stunt, why that's totally different. It's just a coincidence that this wasn't dug up by the papares but is being shopped around by a third party. It's just a coincidence that the information's coming from one of the state bureaus and she has access to it. It's just a coincidence that it's right in keeping with the themes and tone of her campaign. Lots of coincidences, huh?

Look at her reaction, too. Is she denouncing it and saying she wants no part of the Herald or anyone who wold pull such a sleazy stunt? Course not. Everyone would laugh because she's such a sleaze herself. But look at her whining and crying and trying to turn it back on herself, like all of a sudde she's the victim and she's figured out negativity is bad when it affects her. If she thinks acting vicious and vile and lying makes her look tough, then act vicious and vile and lie, but don't cry when people think you're a vicious vile liar. It's not rocket science.

I got a piece of mail yesterday, another one of her cutsy rhyming attacks on Deval. And it gives me a lot of confidence to think of someone who thinks it's smart or impressive and not 4th grade to use rhymes to attack someone. The slogan is Leadership requires discipline. I agree, and I wish she'd show some discipline by passing up these attacks and stop randomly flinging mud in all directions hoping it will stick. That shows what she's made of, and so does the fact that when she gets caught all she can do is cry and act like she's the one being victimized here. It's pathetic.

Dogz4ever said...

She is so scared of Patrick and is like a little baby crying for help! She can only fight back by saying mean crap about him!! Doesn't she know enough about politics to know that if you're mean, people don't like you???

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