Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In Your Face, Hub Politics!

I mean, clearly, that hidden sign there was a supporter! Hubpolitics... it's time to suck it up and apologize, or lose all your remaining respectability increase your ever-burgeoning deficit of respectability.

What's that smell? Oh, yes, accountability.

PS: Thanks Susan for finding that video! I REALLY appreciate it (you rock!).


Mass Marrier said...

Well, I guess you won't get invited to their next coven, will you? LOL.

They'll admit error the day after Bush asks forgiveness for Iraq's deaths.

Susan M. said...

Did the knuckleheads at Hubby ever have any respectability?

You're very welcome, Ryan - you also rock!

Insomnia does have it's advantages. *g*

*waves to Mike*

We clearly need to have another blogger hub-bub soon - well, after the election soon. :-)

Ryan Adams said...

that's a great idea... an after-the-election celebration!

Oh, wait, I better not jinx it... LOL

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