Monday, October 23, 2006

Patrick Up in Newest Poll!

BMG knows the news before it's reported. Tomorrow's Suffolk poll will reveal that Deval is up a significant amount in the latest poll and now leads the race at about 49-25-5-1 (there's still one day of polling left, but it'll be around there). Previously, Suffolk had it at 46-33. Let's not forget that Suffolk has continually demonstrated the strange ability to underestimate Deval's stake of the electorate - I wouldn't be surprised to see this race at 55-25 by the next SUSA or UNH poll.

Kerry's already abysmal negative numbers will go from that of "disliked by many" to "social pariah." On Saturday, in Keith Olbermann fashion, I wrote that Kerry Healey is the worst person ever. Clearly, a lot of people in Massachusetts agree.


Aaron said...

Is it just me, or do those numbers not add up to 100?

Ryan Adams said...


My thinking is Kerry Healey lost a lot of votes and most of them are now deciding just where they'll be voting.

I take any Suffolk poll with a grain of salt, but for it to be showing this much change in the direction that it's showing, it means something.

Hopefully SUSA and UNH will confirm this trend.

Aaron said...

True...I think you're right about a lot of people being turned off by Healey. (I mean, really, how could you not be turned off by her? I'll admit that she's kind of a babe, but that's about it for redeeming qualities.) I bet Mihos gets double digits as a result.

Ryan Adams said...

I'm suspecting double digits for Mihos too, I'm also expecting a lot of people who would otherwise vote for Kerry Healey to just not vote at all. A good amount will also move to Deval - and some of these people who are questioning their votes who were supporting Kerry will eventually stick with her.

Regardless, I'm suspecting Deval to get a majority of the vote - or at least a very hefty plurality. That said, I'm working hard for it too... because sitting on your ass is a surefire way to let that witch get back in the race lol.

As far as Healey's sexiness, my brother agrees - he shook her hand at a parade and that's all he could talk about lol.

John Hosty said...

Great website Ryan. I saw this article on Lefty Blogs and wanted to comment. I find it unforgivable that Kerry Healey would use Ben LaGuer to scare women into voting for her, but it didin't work. In fact it looks like we were able to get the right information out in time, and now she is the one looking very criminal. I will continue to report about her evil, I am sure we can count on you to do the same.

Ryan Adams said...

Glad you found it =)

I think I've read some stuff from you before... hmmm, maybe that that newish (at least to me anyway) glbt blog?

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