Thursday, December 14, 2006

Again, Deval Hasn't Been in Office for a Day

Joan, I love ya, but the guy hasn't been in office for a day yet. The inaugural plans po'd me too, but that doesn't mean I'm suddenly worried that the Governor-elect isn't doing his job. He can't do his job - yet. Measure his job performance after January 4th, please.

And, no offense, but let's not go too far with statements like these:
The same conflict between campaign pledge and transition process is apparent in the confidentiality agreements he is asking volunteers to sign.
I want him to have a little confidentiality, I've been saying that for a while now. He's thinking of some new, huge ideas - and wouldn't the Globe just love to run stories on all of Deval's crazy ideas before he even sits in office. Let's let Deval develop those ideas - and if he doesn't come up with good ones via the transition process, then raise a stink.

Sadly, this takes the cake:

I hope the next transition, from governor-elect to actual governor brings back an inspirational leader with an agenda for change.

Blame it on Deval Patrick. There I go, hoping again.

No Governor-elect in Massachusetts history has had as many committees that have taken as much advice. Confidentiality agreement or not, the committees were comprised of people from all over the ideological perspective and included civic leaders as well as active citizens who may not get daily recognition on Beacon Hill. Deval's made some mistakes during his transition process, but what we've seen so far has been inspiring the kind of hope he promised in the campaign: a people-powered movement to push forward real change and progress on Beacon Hill.

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Anonymous said...

The media is so damn biased, they love to declare Democratic admins over before they've even begun and nitpick over really trivial things.

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